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What is a VIP Box?

Luxury concert experience at AK-Chin Pavilion

Music fans in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area know that Ak-Chin Pavilion is one of the best outdoor venues for the nation’s best concert tours. All summer long Ak-Chin Pavilion fills up to capacity with savvy fans who know this is the best place to let your hair down and dance the night away. If you crave more luxury than general admission seating provides, check out the VIP Box seats inside Ak-Chin Pavilion.

VIP Box ticket holders enter the venue through a VIP entrance, skipping that first line. There is also VIP parking near this entrance.The perks continue with seating only 100 feet from the stage with unobstructed views and a semi-private space with lots of leg room to relax or get up and dance. You get wait service at your seats allowing you to enjoy the show without waiting in line for a drink.

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The VIP Experience at AK-Chin Pavilion 

VIP Parking 

AK-Chin Pavilion VIP guests have the pleasure of buying parking in the VIP parking lot exclusive to these ticket holders. The private entrance for box seats holders is near by and gets you inside and to your comfy seats as quickly as possible. Park just feet from the door in speciality reserved VIP Parking and enter the venue through the VIP entrance. Shorter lines mean you are in your seat enjoying the show in minutes!

Access to Private Clubs 

The VIP Club in AK-Chin Pavilion offers gourmet food and drink selections. Feeling a little warm? Talk a break in the shade at the club. There is plenty of space and seating for the VIP guests wishing to take advantage of this perk during a concert.  

Premium Views 

VIP tickets offer the best sightlines in the venue. VIP Box seats in AK-Chin Pavilion are located behind section 103 and have completely unobstructed views of the stage less than 100 feet away from the artists.

In-Seat Wait Service 

Use the Kallpod button on your seat in your VIP Box to call your very own server to your box. Order food and drinks and it will all be delivered to you allowing you to stay put in your semi-private space and skip concession lines.

Exclusive Restrooms 

Tired of waiting in line for questionably clean restrooms? With your VIP Ticket you’ll have access to private bathrooms just for you.

AK-Chin Pavilion VIP Ticket Costs

Ticket Costs at AK-Chin Pavilion

Phoenix is one of the most fun cities in the United States and the shows at AK-Chin Pavilion are part of the reason it is so fun. Face it, your days of enjoying general admission lawn seats are long gone. You don’t want drunk hippies stumbling into you, spilling your overpriced beer that you waited in line for twenty minutes to buy. 

it in a VIP Box in Ak-Chin Pavilion and you skip the obnoxious crowds and the lines while you watch your favorite band from up close. It is the best way to enjoy live music outdoors. SuiteHop knows how to get you the VIP Box seat tickets for your favorite artist this summer so let them help you set up a dream evening for you and a group or friends, clients, or co-workers. Browse through our live listings and view the best VIP ticket experiences near you.

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How much do VIP Tickets Cost

$300 - $600 per ticket 

VIP Tickets for concerts at AK-Chin Pavilion vary in cost based on the location and artist performing.

Are VIP tickets and VIP Boxes less expensive than regular tickets?

No, VIP options are not typically more affordable than other seats in the venue. VIP Seats offer a premium experience, including access to private clubs, in-seat wait service and more. 

VIP Box Options 

Snag a VIP Box or VIP Tickets for your next show

Outdoor concerts in the grass are a thing of the past. With SuiteHop you can enjoy the best seats in the house with premium access to exclusive vip ticket holder clubs and amenities. Check out the options and rock out like a VIP this summer.

VIP Box Seating at  AK-Chin Pavilion

Individual VIP tickets may be purchased in boxes and these areas typically include sunshade in addition to the best sightlines of the show. VIP Tickets may be purchased individually and offer extra legroom with comfortable luxury seating.

Premium Club Seats at AK-Chin Pavilion

Plus comfortable seating offer the best sightlines in AK-Chin Pavilion! Premium Club seats are reserved specifically for your group and allow you to order food and beverages directly to your seat.

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