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Estadio Azteca Suite Costs

Suite costs and amenities at Estadio Azteca

If you’re looking for a whole new experience for your next sporting event you might want to consider visiting Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. Estadio Azteca was designed in 1966 for the 1970 World Cup and has since been used for several different matches, World Cup series games, and World Cup Finals over the decades. The stadium has had slight refurbishments over the years, and currently holds a capacity of 84,000 spectators.

The Estadio Azteca suites are unique in that each suite is owned, operated, and decorated by individual holders so each suite is completely different from the other. Seating options, decor, and available amenities are different but with 800 suites to choose from you will be able to find one that fits your needs.

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How much do Estadio Azteca suites cost??

For NFL Games, suites at Estadio Azteca cost $28,000 - $45,000 and seat up to 20 guests depending on the suite. 

Pricing for other events, including soccer (football) is available upon request. The cost of single event Estadio Azteca suites vary based on matchup, location in the stadium, the type of seating option, and services requested. 

How many Estadio Azteca suites are available?

Estadio Azteca has over 800 different suites for guests. Since they are independently owned and operated, each suite accommodates different sizes, and has different seating and amenities. 

There are several different hospitality clubs available to premium suite and seat holders. Each hospitality club has different amenities. Please ask your Suitehop representative for more information about which club is available to you.

  • Asiento Club- unlimited food and beverages, including beer

  • Palco Club- unlimited food and beverages, including beer

  • Platea Hospitality- There are four tents in different locations outside of the stadium. Each of these tents has Mexican and American cuisines, beer, cocktails, appetizers, and desserts

Suites at Estadio Azteca: 800+
Estadio Azteca Suite Capacity: 15-25 guests

Amenities: Each Estadio Azteca suite is unique as they are owned and operated by individual suite owners. Ask your SuiteHop representative to see what amenities your suite may have.

Private Suites

Once in a lifetime events in Estadio Azteca Suites

Experiencing the NFL in Mexico City is a bucket list activity. You can make that experience even more unforgettable by booking an Estadio Azteca suite for the big game. SuiteHop has the best access to Estadio Azteca suites for your group. With access to all the premier locations, SuiteHop will make your event one to remember.

Private Estadio Azteca suites are available for parties of 15-25.

ATT Stadium Suite Amenities

What are the Estadio Azteca Suite Options?

There are Estadio Azteca suites available for the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Chargers coming up in Fall 2019. This unique venue has over 800 suites and SuiteHop is connecting you with the best suites in the stadium. Perfect for corporate entertaining or a once in a lifetime experience for the ultimate fan you can’t go wrong booking an Estadio Azteca suite with SuiteHop. Each suite is completely different from one another as they are each individually owned so the decor, seating options, and amenities are different in each one. Please contact your SuiteHop representative to find out more about what your suite includes.

 Estadio Azteca FAQ's

The answers to your top  Estadio Azteca questions

Estadio Azteca is located in Mexico City, and has served as a stadium for several World Cup matches and World Cup Final games. The stadium has a seating capacity of 84,000 with over 800 suites to accommodate special guests. Built in 1966 for the 1970 World Cup and World Cup Finals, this stadium is only one of two stadiums to host more than one World Cup Final game. It has been the host for NFL games for the past 4 years, and continues to hold a tradition of world-class experience coupled with American football. An Estadio Azteca suite is the best way to get the most of your NFL game in Mexico.

How many suites are available at Estadio Azteca

There are over 800 suites available at Estadio Azteca. These suites can occupy a large range of guests from 15-25 depending on the suite.

Why should I book my Estadio Azteca suite with SuiteHop?

Navigating suite rentals in Mexico can be a confusing process. Suites for sporting events in Mexico are unique as each suite is independently owned and outfitted. In the US, suites are typically fairly similar throughout the entire venue. As the suite experts we’ve worked to bring you the best available suites at Estadio Azteca to ensure your luxury experience is everything you expect!

What is included in a suite at Estadio Azteca?

All Estadio Azteca suites provide the ultimate experience in luxury for your event or game. All suites are independently owned so decor, amenities, and seating differ. Please contact your SuiteHop representative to learn more about the options for your suite.

Where is Estadio Azteca?

There are 15 parking lots available at AT&T Stadium. AT&T Stadium parking opens 5 hours before kick off for tailgating. Most suite ticket holders receive access to VIP parking passes in reserved VIP Lots. There are two passenger drop off zones (Randol Mill Lot 1 and Cowboys Way Lot 6) for those taking a taxi, Uber, or Limo to the event.

Estadio Azteca is located at Calzada de Tlaplan 3465, Col. Santa Ursula Coapa, Distrito Federal 04650.

It is approximately 9.5 miles south of the historic city center of Mexico City. 

You can reach the city by public transportation using the metro system and the connecting light rail. 

  • Take the Metro Line 2 to the final stop of Tasquena.

  • Transfer for the Tren Lingero (light rail) and take to the Estadio Azteca stop. A separate ticket is required.

You can also reach the stadium by personal vehicle. From the Mexico City center, you will drive south on Avenida Tlaplan. The stadium will be on your right. 

CDMX is providing shuttle services from different points around Mexico City for the NFL game. These points include: 

Av. Paseo de la Reforma 50
Bosque de Chapultepec
Miguel Hidalgo 

Lago Zurich 245
Ampliación Granada
Miguel Hidalgo 

Av. Santa Fe 270
Santa Fe
Alvaro Obregón 

Plaza de la República S/N

Av. De los Insurgentes Sur S/N
Cd. Universitaria

It is recommended that stadium attendees use the shuttle services or the public transportation option. There is limited parking for stadium attendees. 

Which hotels are closest to Estadio Azteca?

Estadio Azteca  is located just south of Mexico City’s historic city center. There are several places to stay before or after your event at Estadio Azteca:

Which hotels are closest to Estadio Azteca?

Estadio Azteca is close to historic Mexico City’s city center, so there are plenty of things you can enjoy before or after your event. There are many hotels, restaurants, and shops available for you to explore. 

For more ideas on what you can do before you head to your luxurious suite at Estadio Azteca, visit Mexico City’s tourism site, Visit Mexico.

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