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FedExForum Suite Costs

Suite costs and amenities at FedExForum in Memphis

Host to an average of 120 plus events each year, FedExForum offers a multitude of entertainment options.  FedExForum can accommodate groups and parties of various sizes and SuiteHop can get you into the best seats in the stadium! Browse through our live listings and view the best VIP experience in Memphis.

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How much do suites cost at FedExForum?

$2,500 -$10,000

Premium full suite rentals for popular games and special events typically fall within the range of $2,500 to $3,500 depending on the size and location of the luxury box.  The same suites for lower demand games and events can often be reserved for $2,000 to $2,750 (the Memphis Grizzlies use a level “A” “B” or “C” rating system to designate game interest and anticipated ticket demand).  Party Suites rent from $3,500 to $9,750 per game, depending on the size of the group and location of the suite.  Individual suite tickets are often comparably priced to seats in the Club sections or other desirable areas at FedExForum.

Suites at AT&T Stadium: 63

Suite Capacity: 16 - 24 guests

Amenities: Extra wide theater-style seats, granite countertops, wet bar, full-size stainless steel refrigerator, high definition plasma TV, local internet access, and climate-controlled suite

Low RangeLocationHigh Range
$2,000Courtside Suites, floor level$6,000
$2,000Club Suites, First Tennessee Club Level$3,000
$3,000Party Suites, First Tennessee Club Level$10,000

FedExForum features 27 Courtside Suites, 32 Club Suites, four Party Suites, and 80 Club-Level boxes on two private concourses.  The arena’s four Party Suites are typically better suited to large groups, are often available for a single game.  In addition to the listings publicly displayed on the SuiteHop Marketplace, we are often able to help clients secure both private and Party Suites through our offline network. 

Shared Suite Tickets

Share a FedExForum suite with other SuiteHop customers

SuiteHop has exclusive access to the best shared suite seats available in Tennessee. Book only the seats you need and experience the luxury of an FedExForum suite.

Shared suites are best for groups with 2-10 guests.

ATT Stadium Suite Amenities

Frequently asked questions about shared suites

What does it mean to share a suite at FedExForum?

Sharing a suite at FedExForum means you'll experience your event alongside other VIP guests. Enjoy a semi-private seat, access to VIP restrooms and a wide variety of premium amenities. You won't know who the other attendees are, but everyone is there to enjoy the game or show in style.

Do shared suites at FedExForum include catering?

For the most part, shared suites will not include catering in the suite. Carefully read the description for the suite tickets you wish to buy to determine what is included with your purchase. Suite guests have access to club level concessions which can be purchased Ala Carte and brought back to the suite to enjoy.

How much are shared suite tickets at FedExForum?

Shared suite ticket prices are set by our listing partners and will vary based on the seating arrangement, event, and included amenities. You should expect to spend between $500 - $2000 for shared suite access at FedExForum.

Are seats in shared suites assigned?

The seating arrangement of your suite will vary based on how the tickets are booked. Some suites have required seating while others do not. Pay close attention to the listing notes to determine if your suite is first come first served with seating.

FedEdForum FAQ's

The answers to your top FedExForum questions

FedExForum, located at 191 Beale Street, Memphis, TN 38103, is home to the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the University of Memphis Tigers men’s basketball team.  When not in use by one of these Memphis basketball teams, the building frequently serves as a concert venue.

How many suites are available for rental at FedExForum?

FedExForum features 63 suites. There are 27 Courtside Suites, 32 Club Suites, four Party Suites, and 80 Club-Level boxes on two private concourses. 

How many suites are available for rental at FedExForum?

The facility is owned by the New Memphis Arena Public Building Authority and operated by Hoops LP (a holding company which also owns a majority share of the Memphis Grizzlies).  

FedEx Corporation is the title sponsor with venue naming rights.  Notable events hosted at FedExForum include a 2004 IBF Light Heavyweight title fight, five Conference USA men’s basketball tournaments, two NCAA Division I men’s basketball regional tournaments, UFC 107, and the inaugural American Athletic Conference men’s basketball tournament.  

FedExForum, designed to pay tribute to Memphis' colorful musical heritage, includes musically-themed areas throughout the Plaza and Terrace concourses which highlight the Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Jazz, Gospel, Country, and Modern music genres.  

Why should I book my FedExForum suite with SuiteHop?

Pricing on SuiteHop is market-based, with suite owners determining the price at which they choose to list.  The list price is a reflection of availability, the popularity of the event, the exact location of the suite, whether or not catering and parking passes are included, and the suite owner’s choice of selling their suite in its entirety or by the individual seat, among other factors.  

Benefits of buying through SuiteHop may include...

  • access to suites that are not otherwise available elsewhere, including when the event is sold out,
  • ability to purchase individual tickets within suites,
  • market-based pricing can be below box office pricing,
  • transparent, real-time online pricing and ordering

What is included in a suite at FedExForum.

FedExForum suites are configured with extra wide, high-backed, theater-style seats, granite countertops, and cherry veneer millwork.  A wet bar, full-size stainless steel refrigerator, and ice maker come standard in all suites, as well as a high definition plasma television and local internet access.  All suites are climate-controlled with great views of the game action.  Private restrooms are located in the common areas outside of individual suites.

Concierge service is available at the southwest and northwest corners on the Courtside Suite Level and on the First Tennessee Club Level.

How do I get to the suite level at FedExForum?

Executive Suite guests who park in the adjacent Ford Parking Garage may enter directly from the Explorer Level (Level 3) into the First Tennessee Club Lobby.  Courtside Suite guests who park in the Ford Parking Garage may enter from the F-Series Level (Level 1) into the Plaza Level and take the VIP lobby elevators down to the Courtside Suite Level.

When do suites open for access?

Suite owners, renters, and guests are invited to enter their suites through special VIP entrance up to two hours before the event and stay up to one hour after the event.


Well appointed restrooms for Courtside Suites, Club Level Suites, and Party Suites are located in common areas outside of the individual boxes.

Special Areas

FedExForum offers access to six unique special areas for suite holders:

  • Horseshoe Lounge
  • Grant Lobby
  • Bud Light Bar
  • The Draft Room
  • Blue Note Lounge
  • Legends Lounge 

The Draft Room, located on the First Tennessee Club Level, can accommodate up to 400 guests and features hardwood floors, 29 HDTVs, and elegant furniture.  

The Horseshoe Lounge, located on the Event Level, can accommodate up to 200 guests and features chef Kelly English’s award winning menu.  Dining reservations at the Horseshoe Lounge should be made at least 24 hours in advance of an event.  The lounge is also available for rent on non-event days.

Suite Parking

FedExForum provides a dedicated parking area for suite holders.  The Ford Parking Garage is located on Linden Avenue between Third and Fourth Streets and serves VIP parking.  Valet service is located at the east end of the arena on Fourth Street between Beale and Linden Avenue. 

Catering 101

Selecting Catering for your FedExForum Suite

Attendees at FedExForum events may not bring outside food or beverage into the arena.  On event days, those holding suite tickets are able to use Club Level areas throughout FedExForum for no additional cost.  The Club Level features an upscale restaurant, The Draft Room, and bar, Blue Note Lounge, for premium seat holders.

Blue Note Lounge, located on the First Tennessee Club Level, offers small plate dining and a full-service bar for all suite ticket holders.  This upscale club features oversized couches, 34 HDTVs, and seating for up to 200 guests. 

Levy Restaurants is the exclusive caterer and concession stand operator at FedExForum. 

Your catering order is an additional cost and a SuiteHop customer service expert will assist you with placing the best order for your group. Catering is not required and a wide variety of concession items are available throughout FedExForum and can be brought back to your suite to enjoy.

Suite Catering at AT&T Stadium

Full meal with drinks$100 - $150 per guest
Snacks with beer & wine$50 - $75 per guest
Beer & wine alone$35 - $50 per guest

  • Freshly Popped Popcorn
  • Wing Toss
  • Salsa and Guacamole Sampler
  • The Snack Attack
  • Classic Caesar Salad
  • Crispy Chicken Tenders
  • Hot Dogs
  • Gourmet Cookies and Brownies
  • 12 non-alcoholic beverages
  • 24 beers

    This menu is based off the 2018-2019 Levy Restaurants catering offerings. Items are subject to availability.
    Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering less beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.

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