What is Instant Book?

  • Currently, you are set up under the standard “Confirm to Book” method, which needs a manual confirmation from the Listing Partner before SuiteHop can close the sale.

  • You will now have the option to make your suite listing available for “Instant Book,” which means it is 100% available and our clients can purchase immediately.

Why is it important?

  • Efficiency!

  • If we know that a suite is 100% available and set up for Instant Book, we don’t have to spend time going back and forth and waiting for confirmation.

  • It will work exactly like an E-commerce transaction, as if you were buying a book off Amazon.


How is this different than the way we are currently set up?

  • Nothing kills a sale like time does.

  • We currently have to wait for a confirmation from you that your suite is still 100% available.

  • Instant Book will give us certainty that your listings are available for sale at that set price.

Instant Book

Instant Book listings will have the standard fee structure of a 20% commission on the total sale price to SuiteHop.

Confirm to Book

Confirm to Book listings will now be increased to a fee structure where SuiteHop will receive a 25% commission on the total sale price.

Have the Instant Book Feature Activated in Your Account

If you have questions or want the Instant Book feature added to you account, let us know!