Listing Partner Questions

SuiteHop is your resource for helping you reach qualified suite buyers throughout the country. Our online marketplace allows us to bring you the most qualified suite buyers, helping keep your suite full throughout the entire season.

The top questions from our Listing Partners are outlined below

I’m not allowed to advertise the location of my suite.

  • Our online marketplace is 100% anonymous and your listing does not need to demonstrate the specific location of your suite. Many of our listing partners choose to share a zone that is an approximate location and view from the suite.

Who is responsible if damages happen? How much is covered?

  • All SuiteHop purchases are insured for up to $10,000 in damages. In addition, our buyer agreement mandates that the buyer is 100% responsible and liable for any damages made to their suite.
  • In the thousands of suite transactions we’ve assisted with, we’ve never had a suite damaged. If you are nervous about allowing others into your suite, we can provide a SuiteHop event host at an additional fee.

I don’t know how to price my suite.

  • The per event value of your suite is dependent on the location, time of year, strength of team and matchup. Our suite experts can provide recommendations for how to best price your suite.

I don’t have time to get the suite listed.

  • Listing your available suite inventory with SuiteHop is fast and easy. We can set up your account in less than ten minutes and you can quickly upload all the available events for a full season in minutes.

I don’t want to have to manage the listings on top of my regular job.

  • Our listing partner tools make it easy to manage your listings without adding additional work into your day. You will receive weekly updates regarding which events are listed and their current pricing. In addition, we send an electronic notification when a SuiteHop customer is interested in making a purchase. Our goal is to make your task of managing suite inventory just that much easier.

I’m already listing my suite on other sites.

  • SuiteHop is built specifically for suite buyers and suite listing partners. Our team of suite event experts manages all customer service, ensuring you don’t have to waste time with folks who just want to kick the wheels of an online deal.
  • You are welcome to list your suite elsewhere for sale, but if you do, that you MUST manage availability and pricing of your SuiteHop listings so that they are up to date. If we bring an offer to you for a suite that is no longer available, you may lose your ability to use the marketplace.