Lean In to Microsoft Partner Events with ROI

Suite Tours is your turnkey
platform for channel enablement programs

Event marketing continues to be the most impactful way to spend MDF, but challenges measuring ROI makes justifying the budget difficult. Suite Tours is your turnkey for executing in-person luxury suite events, with core deliverables that demonstrate the impact of your investment.

Suite Tours provides MDF Fund Management

  • Strategically select the best events
  • Approve invitations and messaging
  • Electronic registration tracks guests & invitees
  • Demonstrate proof of performance through event specific
    ROI reporting following each event

We’ve outlined which metrics are important to track based on your goals in our Suite Tours ROI Guide.

Select Events Based on your Audience

Our Suite Experts Strategically Choose Events that Fit your Goals

If Your Guests Are


Book an NFL Suite for a Monday or Thursday Night. CIO’s value family time on the weekends and will likely not attend a business event during that time.

Budget Required: $$$$


Select Mid-week NHL or NBA games. These lower priced events have a high draw and provide a wide variety of availability for locking in facetime with key partners.

Budget Required: $$$

Sales Teams

Incentivize performance by securing weekend suites for the partner sales teams in each of your target regions with the largest increase in revenue or number of deals closed. 

Budget Required: $$

Start Planning Your Events Today

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