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New Kids on the Block Suite Pricing

New Kids on the Block Mixtape Tour Suites

They are back at it again. The first-ever boy band that many of us grew up singing along with in our bedrooms and the ones that covered our walls with posters are touring together once again. And what better way to bring us back to the good old days then seeing them in concert in one of the New Kids on the Block suites at our local arena. In a New Kids on the Block suite you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite songs (that you no doubt sang into your hairbrush) all while you enjoy the perks of adulthood like comfortable seating, delicious food and snacks, and drinks. 

Watching the concert in one of the New Kids on the Block suites will take your party to the next level. With amazing sights of all the action below paired with a suite that meets all your needs and wants, your next party, family reunion, or work even will be one you will never forget. 

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How much do New Kids on the Block suites cost?

The cost to attend a New Kids on the Block concert in a suite will vary based on the venue and location of the suite in the stadium. Private New Kids on the Block suites seat 12-25 guests and provide excellent sightlines of the stage and a private space to enjoy the performance. New Kids on the Block suites are in high demand for this tour. 

I have a small group, can I reserve individual suite seats for New Kids on the Block?

Shared suite access may be available for New Kids on the Block shows at some venues. When seats are available for shared access, they will be listed as available on the SuiteHop marketplace. If no shared suites are indicated, there are no shared seats available for that event.

About New Kids on the Block

Career highlights

New Kids on the Block are one of the first ever American boy bands to grace the United States. Hailing originally from Massachusetts, the original members of Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood first saw success in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They grew to be one of the most popular bands of their time, selling over 80 million records worldwide and winning two American Music Awards. The group disbanded in 1994.

In 2007, New Kids on the Block secretly reunited to record a new album, The Block. It was released in 2008 to widespread excitement of former teenage girls turned mid-life moms and wives. They began touring in 2010 with another boy band, Backstreet Boys, and have continued to tour since 2014 on and off. They have since released two more albums, 10 and Thankful, totalling 7 studio albums as a group. They are currently touring the United States on their “Mixtape Tour.”

New Kids on the Block Tour

Mixtape Tour

New Kids on the Block are one of the most well-known boy bands of the past several generations. Grandparents, parents, and kids today have all listened to their music, making their concerts a multi-generational event. Experiencing something like this in a New Kids on the Block suite will make it that much more exciting to see them in concert- either for the first time in decades or for the first time ever. 

Their current “Mixtape Tour” began in early May in Kansas City, Missouri. They have continued to tour all across the United States and Canada, with their last show ending on July 14th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 

Concert-goers can expect to hear all of their favorites from New Kids on the Block ( with the sweet dance moves you already know), as well as some of their newer songs from their more recent albums. You can sing along, dance along, and enjoy the show from the best seat in the house with one of the New Kids on the Block suites for their “Mixtape Tour.” 

See all dates and locations for the New Kids on the Block Mixtape Tour here

Catering 101

New Kids on the Block Suite Catering Explained

One of the best things about experiencing New Kids on the Block in a suite is bypassing the lines at concessions. Most suites do not include catering as part of the cost, but all suites have catering available as an additional purchase.

Review the notes of the listing you are interested in for specific details regarding catering credits or inclusions if applicable.

Catering is an additional cost and your SuiteHop customer service expert will assist you with placing the best order for your group. Catering is not required and a wide variety of concession items are available throughout the venue.

Your SuiteHop customer service expert will help you order catering for your New Kids on the Block concert in a suite. We recommend planning to spend $50 - $125 per guest depending on the level of food you wish to serve.

Suite Catering food
Once the show begins, the lights will dim inside your suite. Typically guests stop eating food when this occurs. For concerts, we recommend selecting a light menu to prevent food waste.

Light snack menu

  • Freshly popped popcorn
  • Vegetable and hummus tray
  • Cookies and Brownies
  • 12 non-alcoholic beverages
  • 24 beers or 2 bottles of wine
    This menu is based off the catering offerings at most venues. Specific items are subject to availability.
    Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering less beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.
SuiteHop FAQs

The answers to your top suite questions

SuiteHop helps you create unforgettable experiences in luxury suites across the nation. With over 10 years experience helping customers access the suites and plan events, SuiteHop is the Suite Life expert.

Why should I book a concert suite with SuiteHop?

SuiteHop is the first online marketplace for luxury suite access at professional venues and arenas throughout North America. Concert suite pricing and availability is listed in real time alongside comprehensive details about what amenities your suite includes. Your SuiteHop event expert will guide you through the purchase process, helping you select the best suite for your group and delivering your tickets within a few days of the event.

What amenities are included in my concert suite experience

Your concert suite will include access to a dedicated space for your group, luxurious seating, and unobstructed views of the stage. The specific layout of your suite will vary from venue to venue, but most suites offer a premium seating, wet bar area, cocktail seating and a secure space for storing your belongings during the event.

Additional suite amenities may include

  • Lounge seating
  • Private Restrooms
  • In-suite monitors with HDMI access
  • On-demand catering
  • VIP Parking and entrance

When do concert suites open for access?

Concert suites are available for guest access two hours before the start of the event.

Is alcohol and food included?

Most suites do not include a catering package, but your suite expert can guide you through ordering catering for your group should you desire. Plan to budget $50 - $125 per person. If you do not wish to order catering, you will have access to the full club level of the venue, where food and beverages can be purchased and brought back into the suite to enjoy.

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