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Suite Pricing & Details

Oracle Arena Pricing and Details

Make the most of your trip to the Bright Side of the Bay, also known as Oakland, by booking a private suite at the Oracle Arena with SuiteHop for your next event. SuiteHop provides the best spots in Oracle Arena to watch the Golden Warriors defend their territory or to watch your favorite performer kill it live on stage.

We can help you book your suite, order your catering, and make your night one to remember. Private suites booked with SuiteHop are great for private birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family celebrations, or even work social events.

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How much do suites cost at Oracle Arena?

$5,000 -$25,000.
The price of Oracle Arena suites varies based on matchup and location in the venue. Regular season Warriors suites cost $10,000-$25,000. Oracle Arena suites are also available for concerts and special events. Concert suites start at $10,000 and increase in cost depending on the location and included amendities.
Suites at AT&T Stadium: 300+
Suite Capacity: 12-24 guests
Amenities: VIP parking, catering available to order, premium bathroom access

Low RangeLocationHigh Range
$10,000Concourse Level Suiteslower level- east and west side$25,000
$5,000Loft Suitesmezzanine level - west side$20,000
$10,000Mezzanine Level Suitesabove the concourse level$25,000

Private Suites

Host the perfect party, meeting, or get together in a private Oracle Arena Suite

Looking to experience the best seats in the house at Oracle Arena? SuiteHop has exclusive access to private suites with the best views and premium amenities.

Private suites are available for parties of 12-24 guests.

Booking an Oracle Arena suite with SuiteHop is easy: Simply search our live listings for available suites for your desired event. Choose the best seat in the house, and wait for your tickets to be delivered. On the day of the event, arrive at the VIP entrance and get settled before the game begins.

What are the options?

Staples Center Suite Amenities

The Concourse Level

The Concourse Level suites are located on the East side of the stadium. These suites typically include 20 - 24 tickets per event. The Concourse Level suites in Oracle Arena come may include VIP parking passes, in-suite catering options, a private restroom, access to the Oracle Arena’s clubs and amenities, and VIP entrance to the arena.

The Loft Suites

The Loft Suites are smaller than the Concourse and Mezzanine Level suites with a total capacity of 12 guests. Six plush high-back chairs sit at the front of the suite to get you closer to the action, while comfortable couch seating aligns the back. This suite may include VIP parking passes, a private restroom, and VIP entrance to the arena.

The Mezzanine Level Suites

The Mezzanine Level Suites are located on the East and West side of the Oracle Arena, directly above the Concourse Level Suites. Each suite has a total capacity of 20 guests. The Mezzanine Level suites in Oracle Arena may include VIP parking passes, in-suite catering options, a private restroom, access to the Oracle Arena’s clubs and amenities, and VIP entrance to the arena.
All tickets are electronic.

Oracle Arena FAQs

The answers to your top Oracle Arena Suite questions

Oracle Arena is Oakland, California’s oldest arena and is a part of a multipurpose outdoor complex, the Coliseum. It opened in 1966 and is home to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. The arena has a game capacity of 19,596 and a event capacity of 20,000.

What is included in a suite at Oracle Arena?

All Oracle Arena suites are designed to give guests the experience of a lifetime. Whether you are hosting a private event for coworkers or having a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette, or going away party, SuiteHop can book the best seats in the house with the best amenities. Oracle Arena suites may come with VIP parking passes, private restrooms, VIP entry into the stadium, and in-suite catering options. Mezzanine and Concourse Level suites also provide access to Oracle Arena’s clubs like the Smirnoff Club and the Corona Cantina Club. All suites have comfortable seating, are climate controlled, and give you the best views of the action down below.

Why should I book Oracle Arena suites with SuiteHop?

SuiteHop is an online marketplace providing the most comprehensive details and availability for all events at the Staples Center. With real time pricing and a high attention to customer service, SuiteHop's suite experts will help you from booking your suite all the way through ordering catering for your event.

What are my food options if I book an Oracle Arena suite?

All Oracle Arena suites have in-suite catering options available. For the Mezzanine and Concourse level suites, in-suite catering is in addition to the cost your suite rental. In-suite catering can be ordered online prior to your event. If you do not wish to order in-suite catering, guests in the Mezzanine and Concourse Level suites also have access to Oracle Arena’s clubs which include the Smirnoff Club on the East side and the Corona Cantina Club on the West side. Each club offers premium food and beverages and HD televisions to keep up with the action while you’re grabbing a bite.

Can I purchase individual tickets within a private suite?

Shared suite access is not available at this time for events at Oracle Arena. Small groups may wish to look into Loft Suites with a total capacity of 12 guests.

Catering 101

Oracle Arena Suite Catering Explained

All suites at Oracle Arena have catering available to order for events at the arena. Catering is provided by Levy Restaurants and can be customized to accommodate a wide variety of preferences. All catering orders can be placed prior to your event online or with the assistance of your SuiteHop customer service expert.

Suite Catering food

Estimated Oracle Arena Suite Catering Costs

Full meal with drinks$75 - $125 per guest
Snacks with beer & wine$50 - $75 per guest
Beer & wine alone$35 - $50 per guest

MVP Package
feeds 20 guests

  • Freshly Popped Popcorn
  • Crispy Fried Wings
  • Salsa and Guacamole Sampler
  • Snack Attack
  • Macaroni Salad
  • Classic Caesar Salad
  • Mini Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
  • All Beef Hot Dogs
  • Cupcakes and Moose Shooters
  • 24 Assorted Beers
  • 12 Assorted Soft Drinks
  • 1 Bottle of Wine
    This menu is based off the 2018 Oracle Arena Catering Menu presented by Levy Restaurants. Items are subject to availability. 
    Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering less beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.
    Learn more about Oracle Arena catering.

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