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How It Works



Top performing affiliates each quarter receive 4 tickets to a shared suite in the US* subject to availability.

Getting Started is Easy

Step 2: Login to Your Partner Media Account

Step 3: Determine how you want to share SuiteHop with your audience.

Text Link:


Create a direct link to any event on the SuiteHop website. Navigate to www.suitehop.com and browse for the specific event. Copy the URL from that event and go back to the Media Partner Login. Paste the corresponding link where it says enter landing page and select create link. Copy the new affiliate link from below.

You can use pre-made banners from SuiteHop on your website or in email marketing. Banners are built in a wide variety of sizes and link directly to SuiteHop with all tracking data embedded directly. Select ‘Get Code’ to obtain the code for pasting onto your site.

Average Earnings

Affiliates earn 2.5% of the final sale price for verified and completed sales.

Private Suite Sale

Shared Suite Sale

Questions about the SuiteHop Media Partner Program?

Contact our team.