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Planning a Business Event?

Learn How Businesses Entertain Clinets, Partners, and Staff in Suites

Where Do You Start

Suite pricing, services, and even availability have historically been hard to find and required talking to a salesperson.

SuiteHop is the Answer

With real time pricing, nationwide access, and white-glove service, SuiteHop provides unprecedented access to luxury entertainment.

Client Entertainment

It costs 7 times more to replace a client than to keep the ones you already have. Retaining your clients saves your business money.

People Buy From Who They Know

Suite entertainment allows you to get to know your prospects and leverage relationships marketing to close the sale.

Celebrate Success

A private luxury suite is the perfect venue for your next company party.

Reward Staff

Motivate your team with a night at the game when they achieve their goals.

Recruit in Style

Move the interview from a conference room to a conferene championship.