Frequently Asked Questions

If you ask us here at SuiteHop, there are no such thing as dumb questions. Our buyers and listing partners send us some great questions, and we’ve compiled some of the most common ones to make the process as seamless and straightforward as possible, for everyone involved.

What is SuiteHop? Are you a third party website?

  • SuiteHop is an online marketplace that offers available space in suites at venues across the United States, and brings them to the average consumer to book on an event-by-event basis.
  • We work with our listing partners to make the suite available, and also with the buyer to secure the best available suite that works with their party size, as well as budget.
  • SuiteHop is a third party booking website where suite tickets may be secured easily online. Visiting is not booking directly through the team or venue, although in some cases the suites listed are being listed by teams and venues

How do I have confidence in my purchase? Is my purchase protected?

  • SuiteHop is an online marketplace connecting suite buyers with available suites throughout the nation.
  • Your SuiteHop purchase is 100% verified and guaranteed.
  • We have connected tens of thousands of customers with suites throughout North America and are a trusted partner for many of the largest companies in the world.
  • We have received multiple awards including the Inc 500/5000, Colorado Companies to Watch and others.

Where are the suites coming from?

  • On SuiteHop, our suites can only be listed by Verified Listing Partners. Those listing partners include teams, venues, municipalities, professional ticket brokers, and companies or individuals with long term suite leases.
  • Each listing partner is carefully and individually vetted, and we have a direct relationship with every single one, so your experience is hassle free, and you won’t feel sketchy.

How do we get our tickets?

  • Our customer service team will ship your tickets as soon as they are available. Venues often do not print tickets until immediately before the event. We guarantee you will receive your tickets before your event.

Are there any additional or hidden fees?

  • Every single listing shows the all-in pricing, and you’ll never ever have service or handling fees that will suddenly appear at the end of your transaction. Shipping of the tickets is even included into the price. We prefer complete transparency when it comes to money matters, and our customers appreciate it.

How do I reserve a suite?

  • Navigating the site is an easy process, and you can simply search out a venue, event, game, or team, and available listings will pop up automatically. Each individual listing will show you what type it is (private suite, semi-private, or ticket within a suite) and what it includes. If you’re still confused, or have questions about individual listings, our SuiteHop representatives are available to help you navigate, and help you get into the perfect suite.
  • Some listings are available but not included online. In those cases you’ll have the opportunity to complete a form to show your interest and a suite expert will follow up with you directly with additional information. Check your email promotions or spam folder if you do not receive a response to your request within 24 business hours.

Is there a refund/ cancellation policy?

  • All sales are final. If you have any doubt or questions prior to booking, we urge you to contact a SuiteHop representative.
  • If you purchased a ticket and something came up, we’re happy to help you re-list your tickets on our marketplace.
  • If your event is cancelled without being rescheduled, we follow the same policies as the venue.

Can you hold the suite for me?

  • Nope. Payment must be received in full in order to secure your suite. We can not accept deposits on suite purchases.

What comes with my suite purchase?

  • That’s a great question and each suite is different. Most suite bookings do not include catering. You will have the option of purchasing food directly from the venue-provided suite caterers or at the concession stands. We’re here to help you plan the perfect menu for your event.
  • While there is quite a bit of variation between suites, most will include multiple comfortable seating options such as couches, loveseats, bar stools, and stadium seats, as well as TVs, a kitchen area, a closet for your belongings, and ample countertops and tables for your snacks.  You’ll also have full shelter from the weather and a great view of the action. Depending on the venue, bathrooms will be private or semi-private.

Where is my suite located?

  • Many of the listing partners we work with prefer that their exact suite location is not revealed until after the sale is finalized. The area indicated on the map is an approximate location for the suite.

When should I book a suite?

  • As soon as possible! Suites are sold in a first-come-first-served basis, and a listing that you love today may be gone tomorrow if you wait.

Is this the only suite available?

  • If a certain listing doesn’t appeal to you, give us a shout and we will work with the our listing partners to find a suite that’s perfect for you.

Payment Terms

Is the price negotiable?

  • No. Our listing partners set their asking prices and are free to change them at any time before the tickets sell.  The popularity of the event, the needs of the listing partner, and the broader supply and demand for the event are all factors in pricing.

Can I purchase it directly off the site?

  • Some suites are available for instant book. Others require a suite expert to handle your transaction. Either way, we always have your back.

Can I place a deposit?

  • No, payment is due in full to reserve your suite.

What types of payment do you accept?

  • We accept all major credit cards, as well as bank wire transfers.

Catering Questions

Can I bring in my own food and drinks?

  • Outside food and beverages are not typically allowed in the suite. Each suite catering company provides a wide variety of options to accommodate special requests like dietary restrictions, birthday cakes, etc. They also offer a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Is catering included?

  • Not usually. Specific information regarding catering is included in every listing. You’ll always have the option of purchasing food directly from the venue-provided suite caterers, or at the concession stands.

What should I plan to spend on catering?

  • Catering varies regionally, however, we recommend budgeting an additional $50-$75 per person.

Booking a Private Suite

Can I get more people in the suite?

  • Sometimes. We may be able to assist you in purchasing standing room only (SRO) or suite guest passes, depending on the listing.

Does everyone need a suite ticket?

  • Yes, everyone entering the suite needs a ticket, or a guest pass.

What’s it like being in a private suite?

  • Each venue is a bit different, but generally, most will include multiple comfortable seating options such as couches, loveseats, bar stools, and stadium seats, as well as TVs, a kitchen area, a closet for your belongings, and ample countertops and tables for your snacks.  You’ll also have full shelter from the weather, and a great view of the action in front of you, as well as on the high definition live TVs.
  • Private suites allow you complete control over who you’re experiencing the event with. You won’t have rude or loud suite mates, unless you choose to bring them along, that is.

Booking a Shared Suite

Can I order catering?

  • No, but you do have access to food on the club level, or concourse.

Are there assigned seats?

  • There will be times that seats are assigned, while some suites invite guests to move freely within the suite and make use of the different areas throughout the event. Whenever possible, assigned seats and locations are provided on the individual listing.

What’s the benefit of doing a shared suite ticket?

  • Those luxury VIP amenities and comfortable seating tickets would otherwise be going to waste, and you would be stuck crammed next to a random stranger in general seating. Booking a seat in a shared suite often times is comparable in price to club level seating. You also will have access to private/semi private bathrooms, club level food, and an unbeatable view of the action.

Who else will be in the suite?

  • In shared suites, you may or may not have other guests in there with you. Additional guests may include the suite host and his or her guests and/or others who have purchased tickets through SuiteHop or other outlets.

Generic Suite Questions

When can you enter the suite?

  • While each venue may differ, generally speaking, suites open when the gates to the event open. Typically, you will be able to stay in your suite for 1 hour after the event ends.

Are children under a certain age free?

  • Generally, children 2 and under are free, and children 3+ must be ticket holders or have a guest pass.

Where should I park? Are parking passes included?

  • Parking passes are not included with all suites. Park in the lot indicated on your pass. This will vary from suite to suite.
  • When you purchase a private suite, there are typically VIP parking passes included.
  • Parking details will be included in the individual listing.