How it Works

At venues and arenas across the country, games and concerts take place and, sadly, suites sit empty or half full because they simply are not made as readily available and accessible to the public, compared to general admission seating marketplaces. Booking a suite for a game or event can quickly turn it into a luxury experience, perfect for entertaining family and friends, or impressing a client or potential business partner.

SuiteHop is an online marketplace, offering businesses and fans access to games, events, and concerts, by gaining on demand access to those otherwise empty suites.

How Does SuiteHop Work?

It’s simple, really. We provide an easy online exchange for listing partners to list their available suites at popular venues across the United States. Listing their private or semi-private suites on SuiteHop brings it to a consumer level, so businesses or fans can easily purchase those seats, while also enjoying the luxury VIP amenities that come along with it, such as delicious catering, modern and swanky seating, and a high tech environment.

Booking a suite allows you to have a comfortable seat (goodbye sweaty drunk fan basically sitting on top of you!) and fabulous food and beverage options, that turns a regular event or game into a luxury experience.

Working with SuiteHop is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

SuiteHop works with listing partners at venues and arenas across the nation to list suites for the best events and games available.

You can easily browse the SuiteHop website and search for listings of events or games that you would want to attend. Whether you are searching for a particular team because you’re a superfan, or a nearby venue, we’ve got you and your needs covered and have thought of everything. Even if you’re traveling to an out of town location, our venue facts even have hotel accommodation recommendations, as well as our favorite catering items for each venue.

Get your butt in a suite seat, and start living the suite life. Our online reps are always available to assist you with anything additional, such as catering questions, or questions about specific listings.

So what do you say? Are you ready to start living the Suite Life?